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About Us

Bobby Page’s Cleaners of Northern Nevada has been locally owned and a family operated business for over 5 decades in Carson City. 

The company’s namesake, Bobby Page, comes from its origin, a well-known Las Vegas jazz trumpeter and entertainer.  Mr Page established roots in Lake Tahoe, and entertained at resorts like Harvey's Wagon Wheel and the Mapes Hotel in Reno.   He used his entertainment name to launch a dry cleaning operation in Lake Tahoe making him a 2nd generation dry cleaner.

Bobby’s daughter and son-in-law David and Roxann Leid of Carson City, purchased the Carson City location from Mr. Page, making them 3rd generation dry cleaners.  The Carson City location is still operational today and supervised by David, it's CEO.  The Leid family, and their company, has continued to grow the Carson City brand Bobby Pages into multiple locations serving you throughout Northern Nevada.

This brings us to our 4th generation, Kevin Leid, Janet Wells, and husband Steve Wells, have continued to develop the brand even  further, each serving over 32 years with the company.

With over 150 years combined experience we here at Bobby Pages understand that our goal as a company is to have our clientele know what sets Bobby Page’s apart from our competition. It is reputation, consistency and service, we do not promote quality, quality will promote itself! The dry cleaning knowledge from the past and present, will help the next generation continue to innovate further and continue to keep you looking your best. It has been exciting to see what our 5th generation has brought, David and Daria Leid, as they not only manage new divisions of our textile group, but help oversee the whole operation to add a fresh younger point of view.

The family’s dry cleaning heritage however spans much further than that of the last five decades. Our Great Grandfather, Robert Mechura, of Pasadena, California, owned and operated what was then White House Cleaners & Laundry in the mid 1930’s making them the first generation of Family Dry Cleaners.