Fine Bedding & Table Linen

Our Deluxe Laundry Division understands the values placed on exceptional bedding and table linens.   Whether it’s a set of Italian Frette sheets, a Pratesi Duvet or some blue linen Leron mats or napkins, we are equipped and trained to bring gentleness to the most delicate of material and fabric construction.  

Our DeLuxe Laundry Division offer’s a complete down feather care for down comforters, pillows, feather beds and mattress pads.  Bamboo, satin, matelasse, or even silk, each of your items are given meticulous detail, hand inspected and only proper stain removal techniques are applied by a professional laundry technician prior to any treatment.   Our mission is to maintain the quality of your linens and heirlooms so you may pass down those items to future generations.  All table linens are hand finished, lined in acid free lignin tissue, sealed, and beautifully protected for storage until future use.   For any questions, please call our De Luxe Division at 775-323-6575


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