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Items we clean inside the home.


Cleanliness is the key to home healthy living!

At Bobby Page's our goal is to offer services and specialization necessary to achieve a home healthy environment. Not only do we clean standard household items, like: afghans, quilts, bedspreads, blankets,  comforters, shams, bed pillows, and feather pillows, but we also clean and specialize in the cleaning of high thread count quality bedding and table linen through our own De Luxe Laundry department.  Though these items are fairly standard, we also provide services for upholstery: couch pillows, couch cushions, arm & chair covers, throw pillows, and yardage used in most home decor.

Patio furniture is just as important to care for, though it is a seasonal item, often times very expensive to purchase for your home.  Cleaning and storage is an important part of maintaining the quality of outdoor furniture, especially dealing with pollen, rodents, and the creepy crawly critters that can destroy custom fit cushions.  When the season is over, we can clean, protect, and store your outdoor patio cushions until spring.  Stop by any of our locations for information, or simply drop your cushions off and we will handle it from there.  If you would like us to come out and pick them up, clean them, store them, and return them in the spring, we can handle that as well. 

Service is a big part of the cleaning process, please use the Instant Home Service Request to set up an appointment for any of the at home services we provide.


Items we clean outside the home.