Alterations, Tailoring & Repairs


Our expert alteration repair staff will provide you with a perfect fit, whether a simple repair, the shortening or lengthening of a hem, new zipper, button replacement, or complete custom tailored garment, we can handle the unusual challenging request, either way, our services are unrivaled.  We also provide bridal party alterations, and complete wedding gown adjustments and tailoring.

Snags, insect damage or unknown holes?  We also offer re-knitting or re-weaving as an alternative to retiring a cherished or valuable garment.

 For simple and basic repairs, you can drop your items off at any one of our Nevada or California locations. For major alterations, tailoring, fittings or Special Rush Order Service, we suggest a personal visit to one of our two Page’s Tailor Shops.

Best results in tailoring services, trust one of these two locations: 

Contact your local store for more information on services.