Other Items We Clean

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Laundry Service

Laundry Service or “Fluff and Fold” is laundry washed by the pound and folded for your convenience, or should we say “Cleanvenience” 

sneakers, boots, hats, & caps

Whether we are cleaning your vintage Chuck Taylor’s, Boston “BoBo’s”, or your favorite designer UGG’s, we can clean your shoes and put the bounce back in your step.  We also clean the top end; hats, cowboy hats, baseball hats, derby's, caps, and all military style dress caps.    Just bring them in and drop them off!  

Mascots, stuffed animals, & Costumes

Mascots are a visual representation of your school or business.  Let us put the pep back in the step of your favorite fuzzy character.  Alongside our mascot and stuffed animal cleaning, we also offer costume cleaning. We can clean a wide variety of costumes, whether it is a holiday Santa suit, Cirque De Sole costume, or even your dusty burning man attire, we will remove whatever sweat and soils your costume collects along the way.

outdoor Recreational gear

We clean sleeping bags, down bags, tents, hunting, fishing, sports, and water sport apparel.

protective Textiles for your adult toys

We can clean just about any; sailboat sales, marine, auto, and motorcycle covers.  Upholstery and drapery for motor homes and recreational vehicles.  

Porcelain & antique dolls

We have cleaned and restored a variety of these items from fire and smoke damage, to dust removal and refreshing the item to pass along to loved ones. 

Though it may not be listed here, it doesn't mean we cant clean it.  What ever it is, please test our ability and bring it in.


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