Wedding Gowns & Bridal Wear

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Gown Cleaning and preservation is an art and for over 50 years we have been the artist!  Our service starts way before the big event, we provide inspection, cleaning, tailoring, and pressing services as well as the cleaning restoration and heir looming after the event.
We provide you with instructions and expertise to ensure your treasure lasts for future generations to enjoy.

From our many years of experience, allow time for professional cleaning and alteration services, we suggest a solid 3 months to be on the safe side to get the proper fit and look for your bridal party attire. If you are wearing an older gown, many fabrics will yellow with age so make sure the color damage can be cleaned and restored to a new brighter appearance. If you do choose a new gown, you should still leave time for alterations and pressing.

If you are traveling to our area for the ceremony, you can ship the dress directly to us, we will have it ready for the event. Bobby Page’s offers an exclusive wedding service, which consist of the following:

Fittings for the bridal party
Major and Minor Alterations of your bridal gown
Alterations to bridal party attire
Pressing of your bridal gown, veil, slip, and accessories
Pressing of wedding party attire
Special Delivery of bridal gown and wedding party attire. (Delivery inside of 25 mi)