Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a franchise? 

No, we are not a franchise, we are a family owned and operated business.  All our locations are operated by a management team, along with the owners who are fully engaged to bring the best possible service's to you daily. 

Are your prices competitive?

Very much so, we actually prefer you call around and shop.  We only ask that when you do compare, make sure it’s the same service, apples for apples!  Some competitors provide a starting base price (telephone price) for items, but the items price is actually not the same after the fact; next day service is an extra fee, as ours is standard.  Above that, the invoice reflects extra bottom line charges for cost of doing business; environmental reclamation fees, state business taxes, special handling, employee comp fees, etc.. Pardon the pun, don't be caught with your pants down, these extra fee's need to be factored in to each items price, this will greatly change the overall item value.   We however provide the services needed to expertly and correctly clean garments, return them next day, and at one competitive price with no extra add on fee's.  Further, we are a company that stands behind our work!   When making a choice, just make sure you'll receive the standard of service you deserve when considering your dry cleaner. 

you have Decades of experience?

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Generational cleaning is comprised of many things.  First, its the many generations (5) that have passed down cleaning techniques, experience, and trade secrets from one to another, just like your great, great grandma's recipe.   Second, it's the proper use of equipment, knowledge of its function, and how to correctly make adjustments to fit the cleaning of the garments specific need.  Third, it's understanding the properties of soaps, various spot removers, and the proper use of each of these to produce a spectacular looking clean garment.  Throughout the United States, you'll find dry cleaners that fit these guidelines, there usually leaders in their market, have decades of experience, offer an array of textile cleaning services, and outperform in every level when it comes down to measuring the specifics above.  It boils down to the decades of experience.